We Are The Hackstronauts

Wearable Tech & The Quantified Self

GregU – a.k.a. Greg Ulan is the Founder of Our MeetUp Group Community “NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless.“. He is a “Bio-Alchemist”, Technophile and a serial overclocker of man and machine. It has been Greg’s vision of a community of like-minded biohackers and seekers of the next-level in human development that led to the creation of The Hackstronauts. GregU has also lead an event where he shared his optimizations through his experiences with wearable technologies.

Favorite Hacks: Building PCs from the ground up and Bulletproof Coffee.

From when rODD had a space for The Hackstronauts

 rODD – a.k.a. Rodd Marcus (“The First Hackstronaut”, Gearhead, Trekkie, Hippie-Nerd) Rodd is the Artist, Designer, Philosopher, Video-Marketing Apex PrEditor and the consummate Connoisseur/Hack that put the “Hack” in “Hackstronauts”. He also put the “stronauts” in for that matter, all the while developing Our Misson. Rodd’s discovery of GregU’s MeetUp group was early enough on that when the two locked minds something bigger was bound to happen. After some pretty grand pipe-dreaming “The Hackstronauts” were born.

Favorite Hacks: NLP and Bulletproof Coffee.

“Andy Em” has been with us since the earliest days.

Andy Em – Andrew Martinov first got into biohacking almost 30 years ago when biohacking wasn’t even a word! Since those early days “Andy Em” has devoured almost 100 books on the subject not to mention the countless blog posts and bulletin boards he regularly studies and contributes to. We call him “Andy Em” after the main touchstone character in Frank L. Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz” because that’s what he is to our community. He is so well read that hardly a title is mentioned in our Meetups that Andy isn’t able to quote or refer to in some contextual manner. “Andy Em” is the chief book reviewer for The Hackstronauts.

Favorite Hacks: DHEA and other supplements to overclock his mitochondrial functions.

Stay tuned here as we add charter members to our family…