The Mission of The Hackstronauts

We, the Hackstronauts, are on a mission to explore the limits of our world, break through them and report back. We are committed to the scientific method in both its classical practice and its abstract principles.
  • We Observe Phenomena. (i.e.: Accelerated Learning, Feats of Cognitive Genius, Superhuman Performance)
  • We Question if it can be Hacked. (i.e.: What if I trick it?)
  • We Hypothesize how to pull it off. (i.e.: Snip here. Solder there.)
  • We Predict results. (i.e.: Nothing short of full transformation into pure thought.)
  • We Experiment. (i.e.: Take that “Before” pic. Work. Take the “After” pic.)
  • Finally, we Assess and report back. (i.e.: Hey I just figured out PowerBall.)
We are building a community (starting with our MeetUp group) of such explorers because “Apes alone, weak. Apes together, strong.” As a group of intellects we can build an array of human observatories with greater reach and resolution. As a collective of living laboratories we can challenge those observations, refine them and ultimately build a stronger theoretical library. This knowledge is not to be guarded nor enshrined. Therefore it is our mission that when we find something, we share it.
We will seek out the luminaries in the Hackosphere. As a growing community we will engage those people who have “cracked the code”, be it through encrypted logarithm or genetic sequencing (Coming Soon: Hackers Hall of Fame). We will travel en masse to places of inspiration and adventures in hacking (Coming Soon: Hackstinations). We will forge the missing link to the next hominid out of the raw ore of curiosity, bravery and no small amount of abandon.
Here’s a couple of things we are not. We are not recreational even though we are always having fun. We don’t get stupid but we do explore altered states. We don’t take foolish risks but we do boldly take our lives in our hands. As rugged individualists, while we strive to build a community we are not for everybody at all stages and phases of their journey. In other words, we are not a shoulder to cry on but a team of shoulders to stand on.
We have a vision of a planet infected by curiosity and we want it NOW. We are participants in this New Makers Movement not so much for the history books but for our notebooks, our journals and this, our humble website. Can you hear it? Is that arduino buzzing for you? We have all the tools we need to fashion all the tools we need to crack every code set before us. Hackers Unite and let’s get to work.