The Hackstronauts Code of Conduct (A Work-In-Progress)

We have taken on creating this general code of conduct for our NYC Biohackers, Nootropics & Limitless MeetUps. And while it is a work-in-progress, we request you, our loyal Hackstronauts abide by it in its most current form (as of 4/10/17). We will always reserve time for your comments, amendments and contributions to these guidelines at our regular meetings.

We Hackstronauts promise our best efforts to embody these principles set forth in service to ourselves, one another and our respective communities.

  1. Generosity
    1. We do not shelter our knowledge.
    2. We are committed to making everyone greater than they were before we met them.
  2. Agreeability
    1. We do not debate one another.
    2. We enlighten.
  3. Openness
    1. We do not judge nor negate one another.
    2. We share our findings.
  4.  Fellowship
    1. We do not allow our fellows to meet with or resort to harm when we are equipped to empower them.
    2. We are committed only to mindful, ethical and consciousness-building endeavors.
  5. Self-Possession
    1. We do not take nor promote foolish risks.
    2. We boldly take our own lives in our own hands.

The creation of this Code of Conduct is our response to the discovery that when our members get together, however evolved we all claim to be, there is the potential for a breakdown in communication and general order. So, we set forth these guidelines as our agreement for “best practices”. We are committed to making our members and by extension our communities smarter, faster and better than they were before they ever met a Hackstronaut. The plan is to offer this code to all attendees to agree to or to find a community that better suits their own values. If that sounds like tough love that’s fair enough as long as it goes along with an understanding that it is our mission and our commitment that makes this code of conduct essential.

Let’s Do & Be Works-In-Progress.