Coming Soon: The Biohackers Database (BHDB)

Help Us Build The Biohackers Database!

What’s The Biohackers Database you ask? Ok, here’s the idea: We are a community of biohackers that have been aggregating our own personal data from the wide ranging biohacks we’ve explored throughout our lives. Through journaling, clinical analysis, peer discussion and anecdotal research we’ve been making an attempt to build a knowledgebase that we could share with each other and our growing community (The Hackstronauts).

We discovered that if we chose to do the research on a particular nootropic say Piracetam, we would have to collect information from wildly disparate sources (i.e.: Reddits like this one, scientific and theoretical literature in print and online, formal studies, wikis, blog posts etc.). When we couldn’t find a tool that would take all of this scattered data and put it in a single, comprehensive and searchable place we set out to create one. So was borne the concept of a Biohackers Database where datapoints would be collected through our own research, an informal data search and online surveys such as the one we invite you to take now (Actually Coming Soon…).

Please answer as many of the survey questions as you can. Your answers will be discrete from any identifiers and no personal data will be attached nor shared.

After you have filled out the survey you will be given an opportunity to join our mailing list to stay informed as to our progress in building this online tool. Again this is an opt-in mailing list and will not be connected to the data in the questionnaire.