Hackstronauts Screen “Altered States”

Wednesday night The Hackstronauts screened “Altered States”. Though it was only for an audience of 2, rediscovering that film blew my mind as it did back in 1980 and the handful of times I saw it in between.

Below: The description to our MeetUp Group on 1/11/17.

Come join us for our screening of Ken Russel’s 1980 sci-fi, paleogenealogical-bio-hack, horror “Altered States”.

IMDB “Altered States”: A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be causing him to regress genetically.

If you are a bio-hacker (like me) the premise is “next level”. If you are a Hackstronaut (like me) you want to know if the dial can go in the other direction. If you are also a Hippy-Nerd (like me) you’ll want to meet that shaman and begin your australopithecine transformation as soon as you can get to his fire-lit cave.

We’ll start with our usual chat before the film for some background and to briefly share our thoughts on experimenting with Ethnopharmacology. Then we watch the movie.

After, we will inevitably chew on all aspects of “Altered States” and review our own altered states after watching this Paddy Chayefsky penned romp through the rise of hominids.

We have also planned to give attendees an opportunity to select a GroupOn for a session in an isolation/flotation tank and possibly your very own mind induced de-evolution. The discounts are significant (i.e.: $150 marked down to $89) and you have your choice of locations. This will be the first of a coordinated effort to gather data from every Hackstronaut that participates and we look forward to collaborating on a report of sorts with our findings. But if you just want to watch a great Sci-Fi movie about tripping so hard you grow fur, there’s that. What could go wrong? There’s a protohuman somewhere inside of you screeching to get out.

See you there, you unraveling double helix you.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began. 

Our First “Biohackers Screening”

We Screened the Nootropic Sci-Fi Masterpiece “Lucy” and while we took our time finally rolling the film, a good time was had by all. I guess we couldn’t wait to “discuss” until after we watched.

Below: The description to our MeetUp Group on 12/14/16.

From prehistoric Hadar in the Awash Valley of the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia to the modern-day underworld of Taipei “Lucy” (2014 – Luc Besson) is a story of super human abilities “overclocked & unlocked”. By inadvertently hacking the compounds that create the explosive growth of a fetus in the 6th week of gestation (a compound named in the film as CPH4) Scarlett Johansson (not hard to watch even for an hour and a half) becomes a shape-shifting, telekinetic, time traveller. What’s not to love.

The science is, shall we say, fiction (voilá “Sci-Fi”!). The plot is caper-gone-wrong/adventure and the concepts are pure nootropic fantasy which make for one DAMN fun ride.

We’ll watch this eminently entertaining movie on our big screen and then, while dispensing with the hooey biochemistry, have a discussion about the idea of unlocking the totality of our brains potential and magic.

Hope to see you there.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began. And please come join us for our next screening (probably Ken Russel’s 1980 Regression-Biohack Horror “Altered States”) on January 11, 2017.

Building Our “Limitless”­ Community

We are 115 Hackstronauts strong (at this posting: 11/28/16, 4:31 PM) and increasing. What is our next milestone? What is now possible with this concept and where would you, our growing Bio-Hacking masses, like to see this thing go?

So with an eye on making our group self-sustaining and empowering we look to our immediate future. Let’s realize all of those crazy future plans we have with some concrete first, second and third steps. This meeting of the Hackstronauts is about making a difference by marshaling our resources and building on this auspicious start.

See what kinds of things we’ve envisioned at Hackstronaut.com. Invent some of your own ideas, bring them to this meeting and we could possibly realize them together.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began.
This post was the invitation to our MeetUp Group on 11/28/16.

Hacking Perception: Optical Illusions & Slight of Hand

At the next meeting of the Hackstronauts (MeetUp Event Info) we’re going to investigate magic tricks, optical illusions and all manner of brainteasers in order to hack our sensibilities. We will touch on topics ranging from Legerdemain to Confabulation (i.e.: The Mandela Effect – a social phenomenon gone amok in recent times). Any fan of MC Escher knows where his work takes us when we meditate on his brilliantly engineered madness. Many of us have strained to defocus and tease the bizarre 3D shapes out of the chaos of stochastic images. We ask how does this work? We ask because we can’t leave well enough alone and just enjoy the trick. We do this not to diminish the wonder it produces but to seize the mechanism and add it to our tool box. We want to use it everywhere and make our world more magical not less. Join us at the next meeting of our growing group of alchemists and I’ll probably break out the two or three magic tricks I know how to do.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began.
This post was the invitation to our MeetUp Group on 11/22/16.

Kava or Kratom, Kavasutra’s got ’em: Hacking Euphoria

What could a Hackstronaut be up to on any given Friday? A beer with buddies? Where’s the hack in that? How about a new and novel way to cut loose, tune in and chill out? Well then, Kavasutra must be our destination. If it’s your first experience with Kava (Wikipedia: Kava) or Kratom (Wikipedia: Mitragyna speciosa) some of us are well experienced with the stuff so feel free to ask us what to expect.  Now some grown-up stuff… Be assured we will have your back so that this will be as astounding an experience as possible while being safe and educational. That being said we still insist that you take ultimate responsibility for your own wellbeing and conduct. Okay, lets have some fun with this! Play is what evolved beings do to learn. Note: Kratom has been said to have a nootropic effect along with its more recreational aspects. Guess I’m giving away what I’ll be drinking. Prost!


KavaSutra is America’s finest Kava Bar serving premium kava and other herbals. We now have locations in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, and New York. Our Kava and Herbals are the best of the best and we import all Kava directly from Vanuatu where Kava ceremonies date back thousands of years. This kava is known to be the highest quality kava root available in the world.

KavaSutra Kava Bars have a relaxing, tranquil environment where you can come in, kick back, drink a kava shell and relax within a non-judgmental and welcoming gathering place.
Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began.
This post was the invitation to our MeetUp Group on 10/21/16.

Hacking Sticktoitiveness for Results

As biohackers we have some stubborn walls we often run into. Our bodies, in their miraculous gravitation toward balance, can render even our favorite bio-hacks null. What was once remarkable fades and what once worked fails.  When we hit a wall in our bio hacking practices we assume the experiment is over but is that assumption good science? At this next MeetUp we want to open up the discussion on what we as Hackstronauts can do when we find ourselves stuck in a game of diminishing returns. How do we stay on task when our results lose their intrigue or worse, their effectiveness? How do we push through the ice and get to the hockey stick? If you’re at all curious what that last analogy refers to join us on October 18, 2016 at 7pm to discuss the best hacks to keeping the fire lit and reaching that higher place.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began.
This post was the invitation to our MeetUp Group on 10/18/16.

Are You a Hackstronaut?

If you have ever “fixed” anything while voiding its warrantee… If you have ever built a multitool out of a wire hanger… If you have ever filled a gelatin capsule with your own recipe of supplements… If you have ever studied your own blood-work more than your doctor… If you’ve ever taken two good products and made one excellent one… If you have ever coded, modded, overclocked, rooted, tore down or rebuilt something that was in otherwise perfect working order you might just be a Hackstronaut. So come and meet this community of creative malcontents and see if you are one of us. “Google-Gobble.” Points if you can name the reference.

More kewl stuff coming soon. Please standby…

While we build this site please join our MeetUp Group:

NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless.