Hack-Grow-Naut$ – Building Our Resources

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The Hackstronauts are creating a community of Biohackers, Explorers & Superhumans. We don’t ask for dues nor admission for our regular MeetUps buuuuut… if you really want to get involved on a “resources” level you can.

Everyone brings something unique and valuable to our MeetUps, be it a novel approach to human physiology or a time-warping breakthrough in new tech. Great ideas become greater realities when we put our minds, backs and money where our erudite mouths are. So Hackstronauts, you are hereby invited to add a bit of your hard earned coin to our growing organization. We are committed to gathering all ideas brought to our meetings and collaborating to create the smartest projects to grow our group and its mission. So, to help this thing go supercritical and spread our own brand of abstract abandon to the daily discourse of our planet, please consider becoming a sponsor to The Hackstronauts Patreon Account at https://www.patreon.com/Hackstronauts.

If becoming a regular contributor is not your cup of Bulletproof, we will be passing the Official Hackstronauts Coffee Can around at our Weekly MeetUp for you to drop in whatever cash you feel good about contributing. There will never be an obligation to give but know that every penny donated goes to making The Hackstronauts greater as a group.

This invitation is only in an effort to build on what we’ve already gathered together to create.