The Future for…

We have a whole toolbox we have yet to open. Here’s a sneak peek at future website sections we are working on:

  • The Biohackers Database: We are creating a searchable database for everyone in our growing community to contribute their biohacking experiences and findings. While the data will be anecdotal and anonymous we believe this will be a highly enlightening tool for us to check in with our fellow biohackers actively on their personal exploration to be faster, smarter, better. More info here…
  • The Hackstronauts on Video: We are now putting together content for a series of videos for The Hackstronauts YouTube Channel. Right now you can go and check out what we’ve subscribed to for a kind of preview s to what we will be creating for you… So stay tuned.
  • Content, Content, Content: We are busily writing and curating more articles that fulfill on the mission.
  • A Calendar of Special Events: We want to host guest speakers, go to intriguing destinations & otherwise gather our community en-masse to share what we’ve learned on our journeys. See “Hackstronauts Calendar of Events” page to see a schedule of all of our events.
  • The Hackstronaut Hall of Fame: Luminaries and Heroes of Our Hackiverse
  • Hackstinations: Places and events that honor and inspire our special breed of tinkerers.
  • HackGear: Our recommendations & reviews for tools, supplements & books on hacking of all kinds.
  • The Hackstronauts Reading Room: Our growing bookshelf of theoretical, literary, documentary and instructional titles along with our reviews and takeaways in brief.
  • …and more. Stay tuned.