Book: Stealing Fire

Review by “Andy Em”

Title: Stealing Fire
Author(s): by Jamie Wheal & Steven Kotler
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

I’ve been a fan of the authors of “Stealing Fire” since I first came across their “Flow Genome” program about 3 years ago. I’ve always appreciated their enthusiasm and persistence for their mission of activating “The Flow State” on an ongoing and repeatable basis rather than simply catching lightning in a bottle. Stealing Fire represents their latest collaboration on the often referred to but seldom mastered subject matter. It is an easy and engaging read that encompasses the experiences of a variety of individuals (and groups) seeking to enter flow states in their particular professional and personal pursuits. From extreme athletes in their field of play all the way to Navy Seals in life and death scenarios such as tracking and  capturing an Afghani warlord. It’s a riveting read that will give you deep insights and real tools to make the flow state manifest in your life.

“Andy Em” Bio: Andrew Martinov first got into biohacking almost 30 years ago when biohacking wasn’t even a word! Since those early days “Andy Em” has devoured almost 100 books on the subject not to mention the countless blog posts and bulletin boards he regularly studies and contributes to. We call him “Andy Em” after the main touchstone character in Frank L. Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz” because that’s what he is to our community. He is so well read that hardly a title is mentioned in our Meetups that Andy isn’t able to quote or refer to in some contextual manner. “Andy Em” is the chief book reviewer for The Hackstronauts.