We’re Growing The Video Chat…

This Weekly Meetup for the Hackstronauts (4/6/20 at 7pm) we will be experimenting with Skype Video Conference for it’s expanded capabilities and ease of use. To make this trial transition we will begin the chat on Discord and after we’ve gathered attendees there we will forward an link invitation for everyone to join us in a Skype Video Chat.

Meetup on Discord then onto Skype…

From Meetup Post: Hey, fellow biohackers. We’ve moved our weekly Meetup online for “The Duration”. This is your invitation to join us on our Discord Video Chat which we hope to make a weekly event. After a successful trial run last week we are upping our capacity with Skype so we can continue to build our community while maintaining ample “social distance” through this ever advancing technology. Even though we’re likely moving to Skype for video chat we can still text, link articles and images of interest through our live Discord channels so, same capabilities with higher attendance is now possible. We’re going to start on Discord to maintain the security and integrity of our community and then test and manage the migration to Skype. The instructions are below and know that we are striving to make joining these conversations as simple and safe as possible.

Step 1: Join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/AnJaYsx
Step 2: Put on headphones to avoid feedback loops.
Step 3: Scroll down to the “video-chat-invite” channel on the left side of the Discord window.
Step 4: Write “Invite me” in the message window
Step 5: You will receive a group invitation. Click to join the Discord Video Chat.
Step 6: Open a Free Skype account and download the app if available for your platform.
Step 7: Once we have some people on the Discord Chat we will transfer to Skype Video Chat by sending attendees a new link. Fingers crossed, this is an experiment to increase the capacity of attendees on the call.

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