Hackstronauts Screen “Altered States”

Wednesday night The Hackstronauts screened “Altered States”. Though it was only for an audience of 2, rediscovering that film blew my mind as it did back in 1980 and the handful of times I saw it in between.

Below: The description to our MeetUp Group on 1/11/17.

Come join us for our screening of Ken Russel’s 1980 sci-fi, paleogenealogical-bio-hack, horror “Altered States”.

IMDB “Altered States”: A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be causing him to regress genetically.

If you are a bio-hacker (like me) the premise is “next level”. If you are a Hackstronaut (like me) you want to know if the dial can go in the other direction. If you are also a Hippy-Nerd (like me) you’ll want to meet that shaman and begin your australopithecine transformation as soon as you can get to his fire-lit cave.

We’ll start with our usual chat before the film for some background and to briefly share our thoughts on experimenting with Ethnopharmacology. Then we watch the movie.

After, we will inevitably chew on all aspects of “Altered States” and review our own altered states after watching this Paddy Chayefsky penned romp through the rise of hominids.

We have also planned to give attendees an opportunity to select a GroupOn for a session in an isolation/flotation tank and possibly your very own mind induced de-evolution. The discounts are significant (i.e.: $150 marked down to $89) and you have your choice of locations. This will be the first of a coordinated effort to gather data from every Hackstronaut that participates and we look forward to collaborating on a report of sorts with our findings. But if you just want to watch a great Sci-Fi movie about tripping so hard you grow fur, there’s that. What could go wrong? There’s a protohuman somewhere inside of you screeching to get out.

See you there, you unraveling double helix you.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began.