Our First “Biohackers Screening”

We Screened the Nootropic Sci-Fi Masterpiece “Lucy” and while we took our time finally rolling the film, a good time was had by all. I guess we couldn’t wait to “discuss” until after we watched.

Below: The description to our MeetUp Group on 12/14/16.

From prehistoric Hadar in the Awash Valley of the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia to the modern-day underworld of Taipei “Lucy” (2014 – Luc Besson) is a story of super human abilities “overclocked & unlocked”. By inadvertently hacking the compounds that create the explosive growth of a fetus in the 6th week of gestation (a compound named in the film as CPH4) Scarlett Johansson (not hard to watch even for an hour and a half) becomes a shape-shifting, telekinetic, time traveller. What’s not to love.

The science is, shall we say, fiction (voilá “Sci-Fi”!). The plot is caper-gone-wrong/adventure and the concepts are pure nootropic fantasy which make for one DAMN fun ride.

We’ll watch this eminently entertaining movie on our big screen and then, while dispensing with the hooey biochemistry, have a discussion about the idea of unlocking the totality of our brains potential and magic.

Hope to see you there.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began. And please come join us for our next screening (probably Ken Russel’s 1980 Regression-Biohack Horror “Altered States”) on January 11, 2017.