Hacking Perception: Optical Illusions & Slight of Hand

At the next meeting of the Hackstronauts (MeetUp Event Info) we’re going to investigate magic tricks, optical illusions and all manner of brainteasers in order to hack our sensibilities. We will touch on topics ranging from Legerdemain to Confabulation (i.e.: The Mandela Effect – a social phenomenon gone amok in recent times). Any fan of MC Escher knows where his work takes us when we meditate on his brilliantly engineered madness. Many of us have strained to defocus and tease the bizarre 3D shapes out of the chaos of stochastic images. We ask how does this work? We ask because we can’t leave well enough alone and just enjoy the trick. We do this not to diminish the wonder it produces but to seize the mechanism and add it to our tool box. We want to use it everywhere and make our world more magical not less. Join us at the next meeting of our growing group of alchemists and I’ll probably break out the two or three magic tricks I know how to do.

Come join our MeetUp Group NYC Biohacking, Nootropics, Limitless to see where this all began.
This post was the invitation to our MeetUp Group on 11/22/16.

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